Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Palu Mission Trip - Day 13


Our Mission Trip finished on a high with us visiting Jelambar Corps during a ten hour stop-over in Jakarta on our way home.  We served Jelambar Corps with a team from our previous appointment at Noarlunga Corps on a Mission Trip three years ago.  So, it was so good catching up with great friends and seeing the progress of the building project we contributed to on that trip.

Walking back into the compound of Jelambar Corps brought back a flood of memories as we were greeted and embraced by the youth, now young adults, from the Corps.  It was quite an emotional reunion picking up where we left off with the people that we had developed such a strong bond and spiritual connection.  The new Corps Officers were also very gracious to receive our visit and allow us to walk through their building and reconnect with our friends from their Corps. 

The third floor of the building was nothing more than a few concrete pillars when we last visited Jelambar.  Now all the walls and roof are constructed and work has begun on the internal linings.  We stood in the middle of the newly construction space and reflected upon how faithful God has been with this building project, prompting a spontaneous time of worship and prayer with our friends and the Corps Officers.  It was quite an emotional time hearing these guys pray and sing again, with the worship led by Johnwill Dama on the guitar and the time of prayer led by former Corps Officer Major Nyoman Timonuli.  God is so good!!  We were then treated with lunch and a time of fellowship by the Corps Officers, before Bek, Adam and the Jelambar crew had a jam session in the church, rekindling the times they shared together playing music three years ago.

From Jelambar Corps we spent the afternoon at Central Mall in Jakarta with our friends before saying another difficult good-bye at the airport.  It was a truly blessed day reminding us of the unity we have in the Spirit as members of God's family and the international movement of The Salvation Army.

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