Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Palu Mission Trip - Day 1


Our mission trip to Palu commenced with a series of overwhelming welcomes from the staff and children at the Palu School.  From the early morning staff devotions to a tour of the school grounds, we were greeted with great enthusiasm and interest by the curious onlookers.  As we moved through the elementary school our team was literally swamped by very excited kids who were not shy to pose for photos and who eagerly sought autographs from each of our team members.  This 'rock star' reception of our team gave us a sense of the value of our visit, even for a short time.

Once we freed ourselves from the over exuberant children, it was straight to work with Vanessa, Kirsten and Rebekah commencing the painting project in the kindergarten and Steve, Adam and myself assisting Mr Iwan and his son Irwan with the construction of the new canteen for the school.  We worked hard for the afternoon making better progress than expected before washing up and getting ready for the Youth Meeting that night.

The Youth Meeting was an extraordinary time of worship with about 200 youth at the Towua Corps.  The creative expression of worship was truly moving and it wasn't hard to sense a strong movement of the Spirit in the room.  I had the privilege of preaching to the youth from the story of Zacchaeus about getting a transformed perspective, with the help of my translator Major Nyoman Timonuli.  The invitation after my message opened up a powerful time of prayer ministry with dozens of young people responding to a Holy Spirit challenge.  Our team were deeply blessed to minister to the youth who responded for prayer, crossing language barriers by stepping out in faith to pray in the Spirit for these young people.

What a great start to our mission trip!!

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