Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Palu Mission Trip - Day 5

Day 5 - REVIVAL!

Despite breakfast not being scheduled until 7.30 am, none of us could sleep much longer than 5.30 in the hot and humid conditions and with 380 energetic kids getting ready for their sporting events on the last day of camp.  Just to be sure, the mother of all bells was rung at 6.00 am to announce the start of the morning activities.

The much anticipated Youth Revival Meeting commenced at 10.00 am with youth from six Corps and seven Outposts gathering in the Pantolobete Corps hall for worship.  During the service singing groups from a number of the Corps and Outposts present sung some beautiful and moving worship songs.  One group that really stood out to me were the ten kids from Kabuku Outpost, the most remote in the district.  The group walked half a day to a track that was only accessible by motobike to attend the camp!

Preaching to such a large crowd of youth is both exciting and intimidating, particularly in a cross-cultural setting through an interpreter.  However, Holy Spirit moved in ways that I've never experienced before with 94 young people recommitting their lives to Christ and 24 stepping forward to respond to a call to Officership!  There were intially two waves of young people kneeling at the mercy seat with tears flowing from many, including myself, as they submitted themselves to God in front of their peers.  Our team wanted so badly to pray with these kids, but it was one of those moments when it seemed right to sit back and allow the local leaders to minister to their young people.  Even so, God ministered deeply to each one of us as we watched and prayed in union with the moving of the Spirit of God.  This revival meeting certainly lived up to its name!!

Before the Revival Meeting, Nyoman received a call from Palu informing us that Rebekah had been admitted to hospital with severe dehydration.  She was treated with IV fluids as her blood count had dropped as low as 72,000 when it should be around 150,000.  Ness stayed with Bek overnight in the hospital and received the most amazing love and care from Suni and the staff of the Palu School while we were away and out of mobile range.  When we finally arrived back in Palu after another long four hour drive, I was so relieved to see Bek showing good signs of improvement.  I was also relieved to discover that she had been admitted to The Salvation Army Hospital in Palu and was being well looked after by the medical staff.  She will stay in the hospital for another night with Ness by her side to ensure she is totally recovered.

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