Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Palu Mission Trip - Day 4

Day 4 - RFA

Our day started early with a long trip to West Palu for some more school visits enroute to the Lalundu District Youth Camp, where we stayed the night.  The trip was long, hot and dusty, taking us initially along the coastline past some fishing villages and a series of quarry mines cut into the sides of the hills, and then inland through a never ending maze of palm oil plantations over the roughest roads I have ever travelled on.  Along the way we passed through a number of traditional rural villages, including a Balinese style village lined with Hindu altars at the front of each home.

The schools we visited were similar to what we have seen so far, but the facilities seemed a little more rustic and the children were from much poorer backgrounds.  As has been the case with every school visited so far, the staff have been greatly encouraged and the children captivated by our presence.  

This is where the day got interesting!  

Bek became progressively unwell during the trip and was showing strong signs of dehydration by the time we reached the second school.  After lunch at the Officer's quarters, we made the decision to organise transport for Bek and Ness back to Palu away from the intense heat to the coolness of the hotel room.  This meant that other team members had to step into a significant ministry role that night in Vanessa's absence.  Before coming away we spoke to the team about being RFA  - Ready For Anything - on the mission trip, which became the reality for Steve and Kirsten.  They literally had a few hours to take the notes that Ness had prepared and present a seminar to 380 eager young people attending the camp.  I was incredibly impressed by their willingness to step up to the task and the way in which they delivered a well presented seminar to the youth.  Adam also demonstrated his readiness by giving a powerful testimony and responding to questions from the audience.

A very long and tiring day ended with a bonfire where we were treated to some campfire games and singing before we settled for a very hot and uncomfortable night.

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