Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Palu Mission Trip - Day 3


The words of Don Moen's song, "My soul follows hard after thee, early in the morning will I rise up and seek thee," seemed apt as we arose very early this morning to get ready for the 6.00 am Holiness Meeting at Towua Corps.  Worshipping together with our Indonesian Salvationist brothers and sisters in Christ allowed us to connect with each other through a common language of worship, transcending our linguistic differences, as our spirits connected with the Spirit of God.

Between services we continued to connect through rich and diverse fellowship over a meal that gave further expression of the generous hospitality of our Indonesian friends.  We have been deeply humbled and blessed with the way we have been welcomed and cared for during our visit.

Tonight, during the Salvation Meeting, I was given the privilege of connecting with the Towua congregation through preaching the Word of God.  As a preacher and teacher I always look for effective ways to connect with my audience, but in a cross-cultural setting, preaching through a translator a challenging theme that was assigned to me, I was even more anxious to connect and communicate well.  By God's grace and the power of the Spirit of God a connection was made that moved a large number of people to respond to God's Word at the Mercy Seat.  It is in and through such powerful connections that the mutual value and impact of our Mission Trip is affirmed.  Praise the Lord!!

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