Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dongi Dongi Mission Trip

Meet the Team

This year we return to Palu in Indonesia with five enthusiastic team members to follow-up and assist with the rebuilding of Dongi Dongi School.  As we journeyed around Central Sulawesi last year, we were captured by the passion and vision of one particular Salvation Army Officer to provide more adequate facilities for the Dongi Dongi School.  Since then our church has been fundraising to help resource this local vision and initiative.

Meet the team who are travelling to Palu between the 6th and 26th October to partner with this project [L to R]:

Jill belongs to the Bendigo Uniting Church in rural Victoria and is the mother of Tony, who is also on the team.  Jill has extensive experience in emergency catering with Red Cross and event catering with other community groups.

Robert is currently the Corps Officer at Cranbourne Corps in south-east Melbourne and has led previous mission trips to Chiang Mai in Thailand; Denpasar, Jakarta and Palu in Indonesia.  He has a passion for cross-cultural ministry and leadership development.

Neville belongs to the Noarlunga Corps in the south of Adelaide.  He works as a Chef on the Ghan Train and has served on two previous mission teams to Denpasar and Jakarta alongside Majors Robert and Vanessa Evans.

Tony started attending the Cranbourne Corps with his family about six months ago and has enthusiastically engaged with this mission project by fundraising among his work colleagues.  Tony is the Project Manager of the Kmart Renewal team.

Stephen also belongs to the Cranbourne Corps and served with the Palu mission team last year seeing first hand the condition of Dongi Dongi School.  He is an IT Technician, car enthusiast and keen photographer.

Together, we will serve Major Nyoman Timonuli and Captain Suni Timonuli in Palu and work alongside the Corps Officer and his team at Dongi Dongi School.  This project will give us the opportunity to experience first hand the culture of Central Sulawesi, enquire further into the local cultural context for The Salvation Army mission, and embrace our new cultural insights to inform how we engage with Indonesian Salvationists.

The following blogs about this mission trip will share stories about what we experience and learn from our enquiries and how we embrace and engage with those we have come to serve.

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