Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dongi Dongi Mission Trip - Day 6

Power of Testimony!

Our team expanded early this morning with the arrival of Stav to Dongi Dongi.  It is great to have him on board and I know he is as eager as we were to engage with the Dongi Dongi School project.

Today we had the opportunity to worship at two Salvation Army Corps in Central Sulawesi.

This morning, before leaving Dongi Dongi, we worshipped at the Boya Lentora Corps alongside the officers who had been our hosts, Major Paulus and Felma.  It was a privilege to be invited to preach at their meeting and an incredible joy to see God at work in the lives of their congregation.  The highlight for me was seeing Tony give his testimony and  share his journey of faith and how God prompted him to be a part of our mission team.  I can't help marvel at the alignment of circumstances that God orchestrated to bring Tony and his family to Cranbourne Corps and use him in such a mighty way on this mission trip.

This evening, upon our return to Palu, we worshipped at the Towua Corps situated on the site of the Palu School.  It is always a blessing to see the youth so involved in worship through music and dance, and a particular joy to be led in worship by Ruth Frisca Pandjaitan.  She has a passionate heart for the Lord and together with her fiance Ratno Harinei, they are exceptional Salvationists!  During this service Jill gave her testimony, which had a great impact on the congregation.  Jill's love for God and people was clearly evident as she shared about her family, church and service activities.  

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