Solomon Islands Ministries Newsletter (Issue 1)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spiritual Reflection (Day 1)

There are those moments in time when you are reminded of the unique bond we have with the Holy Spirit that transcends cultural divides and truly unites us as brothers and sisters in Christ. Today was one of those moments. Reconnecting with Nyoman Timonuli, with whom we trained in The Salvation Army Officer Training College, and his beautiful family, was much more than old friends reuniting. As he shared God's vision for his church and the clear purpose he saw in this vision for their community, it was clear that the same Spirit was at work in Jelambar as in Noarlunga!

He spoke of the brokenness in every direction around his church, which reflects the same brokenness we identify in our neigbourhood. He shared a vision of a prayer tower shining light into that brokenness, we see our 24-7 Prayer Room as a lighthouse in the darkness that surrounds us. He struggles with spiritual attacks everytime they try to advance, we too experience the reality of this spiritual warfare while advancing the Kingdom. He seeks ownership from his congregation of God's vision, we are constantly connecting people to a shared vision. He settles for nothing less than the plans God has for them, we are uncompromising on God's preferred reality for His people! Although, these similarities could describe any number of congregations living out God's mission, it was a moment of unmistakeable spiritual unity between two Corps, united by one Spirit.

It is into this spiritual environment that we commence our mission trip and partner with another Corps to see the fulfilment of God's transforming vision for a lost and broken world!

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